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Amsterdam – Another Venice

I could not believe my luck though my husband had already left for his conference at Amsterdam, I was to join him there. Lack of time for preparation left me little numb. I booked my ticket online from a reliable and trusted agent and got a chance to compare the price and take the best fare. Cheap flights and discounted fares to Amsterdam were available.

Prominent International airlines like Air France, British Airways, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air China, Iberia Airlines, Aer Lingus, Iceland air, Turkish Airlines had regular flights for the city. Soon I boarded the flight for this retreat.

Amsterdam though originally a fishing village has swiftly grown to be Netherlands capital city. It is the center of commerce, trade and is one of the notable originative hubs. Abounding in natural beauty this fascinating city has numerous bridges, canals and noteworthy buildings dating back to the Gothic Era.

The city has an unconventional charm and the pace of life is moderate. It has numerous offerings that suit every traveler be it simply relaxing the days away or exploring the culture of this European city or having a blast with friends at the nightclubs.

Amsterdam has been under the scanner for numerous reasons. Some people find it noxious because of the certain liberal thoughts but on a whole it’s a fabulous family vacation spot. You can visit the awesome churches and museums which keep you enthralled in their beauty for hours. At the Rijksmuseum you will find a great collection of art and paintings from renowned artistes worldwide. Also worth visiting is the Van Gogh Museum which stocks work of the legendary painter.

Vondel Park in Amsterdam is huge in size and lush with greenery and colorful flowers. The city has its own unique botanical garden and a zoo that keeps the kids amused.

One of the main attractions in Amsterdam is the Canal Ring which is a group of canals arranged in homocentric way that offers splendid and breathtaking view of the river. There are various cruises that take you across different canals at very cheap rates.

Tourists flock in to this city to enjoy the various events organized all year round. Starting from the Chinese New Year, Holland Festival, and International Fashion Week, Arts and Dance Festival, Museum nights and the list is endless.

Shopping is plentiful too. You can visit the general shops to plush and luxurious malls offering products for every budget, style and fashion. A must visit venue for shopping is Jordaan. Locals also shop in the street markets for food, clothes and other necessary items.

Food is mouth-watering and there’s a large variety of Asian cuisine. Apart from the typical Dutch food you can experiment with Indonesian, African, Chinese, Middle Eastern cuisines as well.

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Amsterdam has an electrifying night life. It’s vibrant and sways to the latest beats. Food, drinks, live bands, dance and happiness will leave you refreshed and younger. This was one of the most memorable trips. You can get cheap flights deals and cheap tickets to Amsterdam without any hassle.

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